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Be part of internationally-accredited & recognised programmes - Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Masters, PHD - that will propel you to high-income careers after graduation.

Accredited Full Time Programmes

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Discover a highly-diverse and multicultural student population that helps you build an extensive network of friends worldwide.

International Network

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Limkokwing Elite Creative Excellence Scholarship is awarded to talented individuals. This scholarship is only available to Malaysians.

Minimum Academic Eligibility: 

(SPM: 10 A’s and above)

(STPM: 3.75 to 4.00 CGPA)

*Terms & Conditions Applies.

Affordable Education

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50% Malaysia Students, Terms & Conditions:

  • Applicable for tuition fees only.
  • Only applicable for online registration.
  • Available for Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Masters programmes.
  • Applied for the whole course duration.
  • The incentive is valid for new direct applications only and cannot be combined with any other incentives.
  • Not valid for 'Friend Get Friend' campaign and applications through agents.
  • Open to all Malaysian students applying only to Limkokwing Cyberjaya campus.
  • Valid from 3 August 2017 till 3 August 2018.

30% - International Students, Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable for tuition fees only.
  • Only applicable for online registration.
  • Available for Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Masters programmes.
  • Applied on the first year only, but can be renewed with 10% off, if CGPA > 3.0 and attendance > 80%.
  • The incentive is valid for new direct applications only and cannot be combined with any other incentives.
  • Not valid for 'Friend Get Friend' campaign and applications through agents.
  • Open to all International students applying only to Limkokwing Cyberjaya campus.
  • Valid from 19 July 2017 till 19 July 2018.

2018 Online Registration Incentive

Address: Inovasi 1-1, Jalan Teknokrat 1/1, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

1) My official results (STPM/SPM, etc) are not out yet, when should I apply?

  • International students are required to apply at least 2 months before the intake dates as there will be a student visa process.

  • Malaysian students do not have visa requirements, but we recommend you to apply today even without your results to book your 50% discount and to ensure a smoother and faster application process once you receive your results.

2) What are the programmes available? Are there online / part-time courses?

The only available University Programmes at Limkokwing Cyberjaya are those from the faculty of Architecture, Business, Communication, Design, Fashion, IT, Multimedia & Music. 

There are only full-time courses. There are no online or part-time courses available.

3) Where is Limkokwing University Cyberjaya Campus? How can I get there?

Limkokwing Campus Address: Inovasi 1-1, Jalan Teknokrat 1/1, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

  • Cyberjaya Located 20 minutes (30-40KM) from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya is Malaysia's global tech hub, and home to over 2300 start-ups, SMEs and tech giants.

  • If you are coming from KLIA Airport to Campus via Public Transport:
  1. Take KLIA transit train to Purtajaya Sentral. 
  2. From Putrajaya Sentral, take Bus 520 to the bus stop next to the campus.

  • If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur City Center to Campus via Public Transport:
  1. Take KLIA transit train to Purtajaya Sentral.
  2. From Putrajaya Sentral, take Bus 520 to the bus stop next to the campus.

4) Are there any application fees when applying to study in Limkokwing University?

There is no application fee required upon submission of the application. We recommend completing your application as soon as possible.

5) If my application is successful, what are the enrolment fees for studying in Limkokwing University? 

  • Malaysian students:
  1. Registration fee RM500 (one time) to issue Offer Letter.
  2. Resource fee RM1,000 - RM1,500 (per year, varies by programme)
  3. Medical Insurance RM349.80
  4. Reference Book RM90 (one time)
  5. Tuition Fees (varies by programme)

  • International students:

  1. Registration fee RM1,000 (one time) to issue Offer Letter.
  2. Visa processing fee - RM2,219 (1 Year)
  3. International Students Administrative fee RM5,000 (one time)
  4. Resource fee RM 2,000 (per year)
  5. Reference Book RM90 (one time)
  6. Tuition Fees (varies by programme)

<<Click Here to download a PDF brochure with our fees.>>

6) What is the cost of accommodation near Limkokwing Campus in Cyberjaya?

Accommodation prices in Cyberjaya starts from RM350 per month. It can go up to RM1,000 depending on the type of the room and the condominium.




Global Students

Global Campuses


Our Global Network

World’s Most Globalised University

Global Network

Limkokwing University is present in ten countries ― Malaysia, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Yemen, and the United Kingdom. All students are encouraged to spend time overseas to understand the challenges they will face when they start work.

In today’s globalised workplace, having a network of friends from across the world is a great advantage. It will enable you to obtain market intelligence at a scale that cannot be matched by others who have not studied at Limkokwing University.

Global Campuses

Our Industry Partnerships

Our strong industry partnerships with top brands of the world expose students to real world expectations and opportunities to interact effectively with future employers.

Abd Alrahman Orabi

Our Students Perspectives

“ Limkokwing University has provided us the best multicultural environment I have ever seen. You can meet people from all around the world, from whom you get to know a lot about the world and how beautiful it is! ”

Maxim Nawangwe

Alexis Berthaud


Beverley Ong


“ The learning experience in Limkokwing is uniquely different compared to most universities. We are not taught to learn by the book but more on the practical side, getting us ready to face the real world and be filled with the right knowledge before entering the industry. ”


“ Limkokwing is a cultural springboard that allows us to meet students from all over the world and learn new cultures constantly. It’s truly amazing to study in this kind of environment. ”



Jessica Arroyo Vazquez

“ Part of a good education is cultural exposure and networking, and there’s no better place to do that than in Limkokwing University. If you are an ambitious student, you’ll definitely have a bright future studying here. ”

“ When people ask why I decided to study in Limkokwing all the way to the other side of the world, my mind goes back to three years ago, the first time I came to Malaysia and Limkokwing. Since that day, I fell in love with the place and the multicultural environment that this University has. ”

Industry Experience

An unconventional learning experience that collapses regular classroom walls, preparing you for real world challenges

Gain global perspectives from our 13 international campuses around 3 continents.

Be equipped with all the skills you need to succeed & stand out even in the most challenging, highly-competitive industries

Global Perspectives

Successful Careers

What Our Programmes Focuses On:

Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

Equip yourself with the most in-demand skills of today! The Faculty of Information and Communications Technology (FICT) helps students secure a high-income career after graduation through job-centric programmes such as Software Engineering, Information Technology, Games Technology, and Mobile Computing. Recognising the need for well-trained IT professionals, FICT sustains a hands-on approach to learning and a strong network of industry partners to continuously produce fine graduates that go beyond the demands of the fast-moving IT industry.

Faculty of Architecture & The Built Environment

Master form and function in the oldest private institution in the country to offer architecture programmes! Being in the first private Malaysian university to be recognised by Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM), the Faculty of Architecture and The Built Environment (FABE) provides students with a solid foundation in Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, and Interior Design through unique and industry-driven programmes and relevant practical training supported by a strong network of industry partnerships.



Our Programmes


Faculty of Design Innovation

Design and innovate your own future! The Faculty of Design Innovation (FDI) grooms students to become expert designers through programmes such as Graphic and Web Design, Industrial Design, Creative Imaging in Digital Photography, and Transport Design. Understanding the need for creative minds across all industries worldwide, FDI students are trained to be highly adept in the different aspects and principles of design. This enables students to create unique and outstanding designs that can build the most ideal pathways to a successful career.

Faculty of Communication, Media & Broadcasting

Start your journey to becoming a master storyteller! The Faculty of Communication, Media and Broadcasting (FCMB) features a unique learning environment that inspires students to engage in real-life projects in programmes such as Communication, Film and TV, Broadcasting, and Events Management. Recognised locally and internationally, FCMB centres on the principles and practical applications of communication, with an understanding of today’s industries. The Faculty’s impressive track record exposes graduates to a wide range of opportunities.




Faculty of Multimedia Creativity

Breathe life into graphics through specialised programmes in Multimedia, Games, and Animation! The Faculty of Multimedia Creativity (FMC) offers exciting courses that deliver only the most relevant and focused skills that will equip students for their future careers. Through site visits, playtesting, and industry reviews, FMC students are trained to think outside the box and to always stay ahead of the game. Students learn by working closely with big industry players such as Codemasters, E-onestudios, Liquid Rock Games, MTV, and Apple.

Faculty of Business Management & Globalization

Start getting ahead in your career! Learn from globally-recognised degrees from the Faculty of Business Management and Globalisation (FBMG) which offers professional programmes such as Business, Accounting, Marketing, Islamic Banking, and Entrepreneurship. FBMG prepares its students for the challenges of an international business environment by maintaining strong affiliations with major industry and government partners. The Faculty ensures high-quality learning to continuously mould globalised graduates possessing highly-developed business acumen.



Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity

Strut your way to success! The first educational institution in Malaysia to offer a Master’s Degree in Fashion, the Faculty of Fashion and Lifestyle Creativity (FFLC) possesses strong industry linkages that help students secure a successful career in the exciting world of fashion and lifestyle. Through programmes such as Fashion Design and Fashion and Retail, FFLC prepares students to stand out from the highly-competitive fashion industry. Students acquire key skills by participating in fashion shows inside and outside the campus.

Limkokwing Sound & Music Design Academy

Fine-tune your way to your dream music career! The first faculty in the country to offer a Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts programme, the Limkokwing Sound and Music Design Academy is a dynamic faculty that nurtures the integration of audio-engineering skills and musical creativity. Through modern facilities and future-focused programmes, SMDA introduces a vibrant atmosphere that shapes students to be achievers in their fields. Students have produced songs for various public and private organisations such as UNICEF and the Government of Malaysia.

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Campus Life at Limkokwing University